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School Curriculum Intent Statement

Our mission is to provide a secure, nurturing and loving school where children experience joy and smile together each day. With Jesus as our inspiration, we enrich children’s lives so they grow in confidence and self-belief, becoming the best people they can be. Much of this is intended to be achieved through the curriculum we offer.

St Anthony's curriculum aims to develop the full range of knowledge, skills, behaviour and attitudes that the children will need to be ready for the next stage of their educational journey. The long term plan reflects the programmes of study from the National Curriculum and topics are delivered in a coherent and sequenced way. It is planned on a two year sequence to take account of the mixed aged classes, ensuring every child receives an exciting blend of the expectations for each year group. Regular opportunities to celebrate pupils' achievements throughout their time at school are vital in developing their positive, resilient, independent learning attitudes which are exemplified in our Vision and Mission statements, where we seek to provide what ‘every child needs, everyday, giving them every chance to reach their full potential intended by God.’


As part of our curriculum offer each child will have every chance to:

  • Explore spirituality and faith
  • Develop vital reading, writing and maths skills
  • Study a full breadth of topics across all foundation subjects
  • Have a residential experience
  • Whole school visit to the theatre
  • Be taught by specialist practitioners in art and music
  • Have the opportunity for participation in competitive sports with other local schools
  • Have first hand experiences through visits outside of school and by visitors into school
  • Opportunities to perform in front of an audience through assemblies, class performances, our Carol service and Nativity etc.
  • Feel a part of a strong community
  • Develop as confident, assured, well mannered young people with a strong sense of care towards others

Please see our individual subject pages for more information about what areas are explored in each year group and on how the knowledge and skills in these curriculum areas develop over time.

Please contact school if you have any more questions.