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Class 5


Hello Class 5, it is unfortunate that we have had to close school due to the new lockdown but we shall be starting daily online learning. To make it easier we shall be following a timetable, we may have online tutorials and tasks set. 

I would like you to put in your best effort like you always do and attempt the lessons everyday. Please email me the work that is set for you daily by 3.30pm daily on my email - and I shall try to give you feedback on your work regularly.

Here is our daily class timetable. We shall try to follow most lessons according to our daily timetable.


Year 6 Maths task:

LO- Equivalent Fraction, decimal, percentage (FDP)


Year 5 Maths task:



LO- To write an introduction and an equipment list for a set of instructions.

We are starting a new genre in English today - we will be writing instructions.
This will be themed on the book ‘Curiosity-The Story of a Mars Rover.’

The attachments below outline what different introductions to instructions might look like, and what features they may have.
This week, you will all be working towards completion of your own set of instructions with the title: How to send a rover to Mars.

However today, you will be writing your introduction and your equipment list only. Pay attention to the examples to support your writing. Please include engaging questions and use the book to help you add detail.

Extracts of the book that relate to this lesson can be found below. I would like you to watch the video first. There is a video of the entire text being read that can be found at:
(watch from the start to 2:01 to support your introduction, 7:37-8:13 for your equipment list… don’t forget the rover in your list!)

There are also some actual photos and videos that Curiosity sent back from Mars at:

These may help you inspire the reader by describing the sights they may see if they sent their own rover to Mars!
I look forward to reading your work.

Learning objective
Learning objective


LO- Indian art

Today we shall be looking at an Indian artist called Jamini Roy. A little bit of background knowledge on him......

Jamini Roy was an Indian painter best known for combining traditional Indian and Western art styles to create

Unique work .

Date of birth: April 11, 1887

Place of birth: Beliatore

Date of death: April 24, 1972

Place of death: Kolkata

Task - So we shall start with an art hunt this week, you have done these before- remember to write the picture number next to your clue (a clue can appear in more than one picture)

We will do this art hunt live so join in at 11.30am on-
Converting document.
Converting document.

Fast Maths-

We are starting a new grid and this time is is to brush up your inverse skills. Try and time your self. Remember the time to stop is 5.30 mins and to get a fluent you need a time score of 4mins 30 seconds or less. Since it is our first week if you need the answers grid you can use them.

Again you do not need to print the sheets, you can just draw the grids out!

Monday -A , Tuesday - B, Wednesday - C, Thursday - D, Friday - E

Fast Maths grids-

Fast Maths answers-


LO- To write an informal letter.

Reading this article might be useful, to give you an overview of some of the first hand accounts of what victims of this tragedy faced.


Last week we wrote a newspaper report on the Bradford City Tragedy.

Today, I would like you to imagine you were one of the survivors who went to the match, write a letter to a friend/ family member telling them about-

1) What you saw ?

2)Were there any particular things that you saw or heard that have stayed back in your memory?

3) When you tried to escape what sort of problems did you face?

4) Luckily you escaped, what did you see once you got out in the streets or when you were taken to the hospital?

5) How do you feel now that you survived this tragedy? What suggestions can you make to the Football Association/Clubs to avoid/reduce risks of another such tragedy?

Join in for the live discussion at 2pm on -