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Reception - Class 1

Welcome to the Class 1 pages with Mr Gaul and Mrs Elliott.

13th September 2021

We have started to  learn our phonic sounds, beginning with "M". Please ask your child to repeat words that begin with "m", such as mat, mirror, moon, man, mouse and try to emphasise the beginning "mmmm" sound. When we write the letter M we say, "Maisy, mountain, mountain" - having a sentence to say with the sound helps your child to remember the letter formation.

15th September 2021

Today we have been learning the letter "a". We have tried to recognise it in words that begin with "a", for example, "a,a,a,a,apple. When we write it, we say, "Round the apple and down the leaf".

20th September 2021

Today we have been learning the "S" sound. We emphasise it at the beginning of words, such as "ssssss...sun, sssssss...snail". When we write it, we say the sentence, "Slither down the snake".

21st September 2021

This week we are learning how to use the numbers 1 - 5. This is not just a matter of being able to count to five. We are teaching the children the following:

  • 1. Count from 1 to 5
  • 2. Recognise the digits 1 - 5
  • 3. Be able to order the digits 1 - 5
  • 4. Be able to bring to the teacher the number of objects from 1 to 5
  • 5. Know that the value increases by one as we count up, so that the value of 5 is greater than the value of 4 etc.
  • 6. Be able to recognise  the number of objects up to 5 by looking at them grouped together, without needing to count them individually.
  • 7. Be able to work out the number bonds to 5. Such as: 2 +3 = 5, 4 +1 = 5

We use the RML scheme to teach phonics.  The following videos will help you to understand how this is taught, please click on each sentence to be directed to a video: 

We often use songs and actions to learn our letter sounds and numbers. The following links are some of the  ones we regularly use, just click on the title: