At St. Anthony’s we bring faith, fun, learning and culture together, relating Christ’s message of love, mercy and kindness to modern life. Our Catholic identity is not exclusive to RE lessons and worship but shines throughout every aspect of school and every adult in school, helping the children in their lifelong journey with God as part of our community of faith as we ourselves journey towards our 'Outstanding 2020 Vision'. Our wonderful children are bright eyed and enthusiastic: they want to achieve in all areas of the curriculum - thanks to the work of our staff and governors and the steadfast support of our parents. We hope you enjoy browsing our website and even following us on Twitter. We can only show you a fraction of the vibrant work that happens here each day and offer you a glimpse of our exciting developments. I would love you to accept an invite to come and visit us in person where you can see every child, every chance, every day in action together with Christ. We look forward to welcoming you, your children and your family to the family of St. Anthony's Catholic Primary School as we stay focused on our 'Outstanding 2020 Vision'

Every Child   Every Chance   Every Day   Together with Christ

Class 4

Welcome to Class 4

Teacher: Mr R. Buckroyd

Learning support assistant: Mrs. P Smith

Please use the website everyday for home learning, there will be a timetable for each day. Work should be done to the same standard that is expected as a member of Class 4. Children know these expectations, work should be submitted when you can, I will reply to your emails and send feedback for work, when I can. There is no time limit for work to be sent in. I would appreciate that you do send in the work from that day only. All work or questions should be sent to my email address which is above.


Hi Class 4, I hope you are all well. I hope to see some of you tomorrow in school, for those who can not come into school, I hope you will apply yourselves and challenge yourself everyday, remember hard work pays off. I am expecting work from everyone everyday to the best of your ability. I understand if you can't complete all the work that is set everyday, but you should do as much as you can. I will be seeing you every school day over Google meet, so please email me if you need your login details.  Please listen to the video below, which sums up how we all might be feeling right now.

         Just promise me and yourselves that you will work hard and do your best, that is all you can do.




 Year 4: Recap - Multiply 2 digits by 1 digit :

Year 5: Efficient Multiplication:

Year 4:

Year 4 answers:

Year 5:

Year 5 Answers:


Watch the videos again and fill in the table as you go. If you run out of space use more paper - just write the event and the hidden thoughts or emotions of the character next to it. You will eventually be writing a Diary recount, the table helps you to order the events of the story and how events in the story cause our characters (Vulcan and Venus to act differently) these interactions with other characters cause them to react differently which leads to their emotions. The more planning you do today in the table the easier it will be to write the diary recount so don't lose your tables. You will only be choosing one character from the story not both you get to choose.

Live Guided Reading:  Book title: Why the Whales came,  Author: Michael Morpurgo

Chapter 7:

Guided reading will be live on Google meet everyday, at 11:15am, please log on using the details I sent you in an email when we first had to close again.

Fast Maths: Phase 3 - Addition of 2 - digit + 1 - digit numbers


Fast Maths work sheet

Fast Maths: Help sheet

Fast Maths: Personal Record Sheet


A celestial body is any planet, moon or sun in the Solar System, today you going to look at Earth's natural satellite, which we called the moon. I want you to bullet point the facts about the Moons orbit, lunar phases and how the Moon affects the Earths tides. I then want you to draw a diagram of the Moons Orbit around the Earth and label it. Use the video and pictures below top help you.

How long does it take the moon to orbit the Earth?

What is a satellite?

Celebration assembly Link and Virtue assembly link:

These links will not need to be changed and will be weekly from now on at 2:30pm

Monday Virtue assembly: 

Friday Celebration assembly:

My Weekly Book Review - Got to read them all


As previously stated in the new homework policy, children are expected to spend time on their project, it is not optional. Children should be encouraged not too rush and expect to bring in evidence of what they have learnt or made at regular intervals. If Children are unsure of what to do or you are having any problems please let me know and I am sure we can arrange an appointment. 

Part 2) Children should be practising spellings and Maths facts at home, and children will be tested regularly.

Part 3) Reading - Children should be reading at home - a minimum of 15 minutes a day but also someone should read to them as well.