School Dinners

This term's menus can be seen above

All meals are prepared in the school’s own kitchen and served  ‘cafeteria style’ with choices for the children. Every so often we have special themed lunches to get the taste buds tingling - these are advertised on our diary page.

If you want to know more about the meals provided then please click on the link below:

Children wishing to have a packed lunch should bring their meal in a plastic container, clearly labelled, with an unbreakable drinks container.

Please inform the Cook, Mrs. Thompson, of any changes i.e. school lunches to packed lunches, in writing, so that adjustments to food orders can be made. We would ask that you give at least two weeks notice before changing arrangements as food has to be ordered well in advance. Please inform both Mrs. Thompson and the school office, in writing, if your child has special dietary needs. Vegetarian meals are provided daily and Halal meals are available twice a week.

Please send the exact amount of lunch money for the week on Monday morning in an envelope that school provides. Your child’s name should be clearly visible. At present school lunches are £1.65 per day.


Free School Meals

All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 receive a school meal as part of the Universal Infant Free School Meal policy under the Coalition Government.


However, if you think that you are eligible for the 'traditional' Free School Meals (even if your child is in Reception, Y1 or Y2) then please click on the link below for details about how to claim Free School Meals.

It is still very important however, to let us know if you would have been eligible for Free School Meals as this will release additional funding for the school. 

For more information email or telephone 01274 432772