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Religious Education


Religious Education intent statement:

 At St Anthony’s, the teaching of Catholic Religious Education is foundational to the school’s identity. The lessons as prescribed by the RE curriculum form but a part of a much broader approach to a Catholic ethos in which we strive to enact and respect the teachings of the Bible in our day to day relationships with each other. From the welcoming of the Foundation stage children to the children who leave in Year 6, we strive to support each other and grow together through a progressive use of the teachings of Christ.  Through our teaching of the Religious Education curriculum and the practice of our Christian Virtues, we intend to become stronger both as individuals and as a community. In our school, Religious Education is not merely seen as a subject to be taught, but is regarded as an experience to be lived. We encourage all children to be involved in our Catholic life and to participate in Collective Worships. It is through learning from the stories of the Bible, prayer and collective worship that we mature as Christians. Our intent is to enable our pupils to have faith in the gifts that God has given them and to enter the greater world with the skills required to be respectful of cultural diversity and beliefs and to be compassionate towards others, whilst maintaining an inner spiritual understanding, guided by the teachings of Christ,  that they can return to in times of need. 

Religious Education Long Term Plan