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Intent statement:

 Physical Education:

 At St. Anthony’s we want children to understand the importance of physical activity, its effect on both physical and emotional wellbeing, and to inspire an active generation of young people who know the benefits of healthy living.  We offer a dynamic and varied range of sporting activities to help children develop their understanding, in which they can use their body, equipment and apparatus safely and in a creative way to achieve their own personal goals. We want children to adopt a positive mindset where they believe anything is possible with determination and resilience in a nurturing and encouraging environment.   Children in Year 5 will take swimming lessons outside of school to give them the opportunity to be safe around bodies of water. 

    We believe all children should have the right to take part in active competition so we participate in inter- sport competitions between other schools in our Trust. Children in KS2 can participate in Sports club every half term to improve or develop skills whilst interacting with other children in school. We are firm believers that sport builds a person's character and will help embed values such as respect and fairness. 

    Children will learn to encourage and challenge each other in a variety of different sports, which will help their leadership and communication skills; skills that can be applied to other areas of the curriculum and have a positive impact on their future.

    Above all else we want our children to have fun whilst being active inside and outside of school.


Physical Education Long Term Plan: