British Values throughout the year

Rev Jeyapaul and his son Charles come from Tamil Nadu in South India. He grew up in one of the lowest of the Indian caste groups, known as the Dalits or Untouchables. Through the support of a missionary priest he was able to get an education and became the only person in his village to do so at the time. As an adult he became a Priest and in 1998 set up Kathryn's Mercy home to support the education of the local poor children, who otherwise would not receive further education. The home started with 15 children but now supports 204 children.  This includes board, lodging and education.  He has also set up a home from elderly women who would otherwise be homeless. 

St Anthony's started sponsoring a child four years ago, a girl called Mukila, and each year we hold a non-uniform day to raise the money to send on. We will do it on her birthday.  Here is a link to the Kathryn's Mercy site:

Below are some of the images they shared with us. 

Remembrance Day

Evie's Poem