Class 4 Summer 1

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English - Children will be focusing on a video from Literacy Shed called:  Pigeon Impossible. They will then write a newspaper report and develop their persuasion skills.

   Towards the end of the half term they will move onto focusing on a mystery book , which the children will have to guess using the clues given to them.


Maths - Children will be moving on from decimals and moving onto money: Converting pounds into pence, adding and subtracting different amounts, and answering money word problems.  They will then move onto Time.


Time: Telling the time, converting from analogue time to digital time both 12 and 24 hour clock.  Converting: years, months, weeks and days.


Finally, they will move onto to look at shape: Identifying 2D shapes, regular and irregular polygons.  Looking at angles. 


R.E. - Children this half term will be looking at planning their own collective worship.

Looking at the importance of prayer and all the different ways we can pray.


Science - This half term in Science children will be looking at sound. They will learn about how sound travels in different mediums as well as learning how sound diminishes the further you are from the source.


Topic - Children will be focusing on the country of Iceland looking at what makes this country special and learning about their culture and their traditions.


P.E. - Children will focus on Athletics and cricket this half term. Developing their communication and team building skills. They will learn how to run, jump, throw and catch.


Music - Singing lessons every Wednesday with Mrs. Appleyard. Children will be given the chance to write lyrics to their own song.


French - Children will look at shopping and been able to tell the  time in french.


Computing - Children will be given the opportunity to build their own website and send emails to each other.


Art - Children to paint the northern lights and draw Icelandic charcoal trolls with Mr. Bullock.